Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blogging Tips from My Marketing Perspective

by Sandy Penny
(30 years of corporate marketing with a specialty in company communications/newsletters/blogs.)

Business Blog - Home Office - Sandy Penny

This is for business blogs:

1. Don’t beat around the bush and write a long intro to your post. Your readers came based on the title subject, get right to the heart of that information. Engage the reader immediately or they’re likely to close the window. Short attention spans and time crunches rule. If you tell a short life story, make sure it directly applies to the subject. Save those cute personal items for your personal blog.

2. Use the fewest words to say the most. Long, meandering sentences won’t hold the multi-tasking minds of today’s business reader.

3. Choose subjects that are important to you so that your passion and knowledge will shine through and set you apart from the competition.

4. Do use interesting visuals, photos, drawings, etc. Unless your blog is about pets, don’t post your pet’s pics. Unless your blog is about fashion, don’t post over-the-top photos of yourself. Keep it businesslike, in keeping with your particular business.

5. Always respond to those who comment on your blog, unless they are spammers, then just delete them and block them. Responding may open a dialogue with a new client, and it shows you care about your readers’ opinions.

6. Check your grammar and spelling and your facts. You readers will respect you more and come to rely on your correctness.

That’s it for now . short, sweet and to the point.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Just In from Amazon - FREE

Just a quick note here ... Amazon is offering a free guide to publishing with Kindle for indie authors. If you've been thinking of publishing your own book and want to understand everything about the process before you get started, here's the link. I haven't gone through it completely yet, but I will. Even though I've already published one Kindle book, things change, and Amazon is committed to helping their authors stay up-to-date.

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